History / Who We Are

Namasté Yoga is co-owned by Ellen Shapiro and Gretchen Hein. We were one of the early yoga studios to open in Tallahassee, starting in 2001 as a venue for recent graduates from a local yoga teacher training program. Since then we have grown and evolved, changed locations several times, seen yoga teachers and studio co-owners come and go, and added new classes and events. What hasn't changed is our solid commitment to the core principles of the ancient science of yoga. Namasté Yoga is unique in its diverse offerings of yoga from a variety of traditions. Most of our teachers are long-time yoga practitioners with a deep understanding and appreciation of all that yoga has to offer. 

We LOVE yoga. We believe yoga is for everyone and every body. We love to share yoga with anyone interested, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

We welcome you to our studio!