Mission / Philosophy

People are drawn to yoga for a variety of reasons. Some come to reclaim their strength or develop flexibility, others for the exercise and stretching. Some are looking to reconnect to their bodies, some to cultivate mindfulness. Many people begin yoga for the physical benefits and along the way discover its powerful potential for personal growth and transformation. As we practice postures and move our bodies into new shapes, we develop strength, flexibility, and balance. We also learn to cultivate the ability to be present to life as it is, not as we wish it to be or how we may see it through our conditioning and filters. Through the practices of awareness, breath, and movement, done with kindness toward self, we strengthen our physical and mental “container,” developing the ability to respond to life more calmly and less reactively.

Many people enjoy the sense of community at our studio, finding connection with like-minded others and making new "yoga friends" and sometimes more. For some this social aspect is a very important part of their yoga practice. Others find sanctuary in turning inward, preferring to focus on their internal experience more than interacting with others.

At Namasté Yoga we honor the many reasons that people begin and continue to practice yoga. Our classes are designed to encourage students to develop a strong sense of self and from that place, create a yoga practice that meets their needs.