Yoga Etiquette / New to Namasté Yoga

Coming to class:

Class payments:  We ask that you pay your teacher for class (or for a class pass) either before or after class. We don’t offer online pre-registration at this time. Just show up for your chosen class a few minutes before starting time to meet your teacher, pay, and settle in.

It is better to come late rather than not at all. If you arrive late and the class has begun, please enter quietly with as little disruption as possible. If the students are sitting quietly or lying still on their mats while the teacher leads breathing and relaxation, then find a space to sit or lie down near the back wall. Please take a blanket to sit on from the shelf by the door as you come in if you wish. The teacher will invite late arrivals to set up a space in the class when the centering ends.

What to wear:  Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch. Regular exercise or gym clothes are fine. You may want to wear layers that you can shed and put back on as your body warms up and cools down.

What to bring:  The studio has plenty of mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters that are available for use free of charge. We ask that after using one of our mats, you clean it by following the procedure your teacher will show you. Many students prefer to bring their own mats and other props. For hot classes, bring a small towel. We have filtered water and paper cups you are welcome to. We do not sell bottled water, but you may bring your own.

Preparation:  It is best to practice yoga with a relatively empty stomach, and to be well-hydrated. If desired, it’s okay to eat a light snack an hour or two prior to class. For hot classes, it is especially important that you are well-hydrated before the class begins, because you will lose more fluids than you can restore during the class time.

Cell Phones:  Please turn your phone off when you enter the studio, or leave it in your vehicle, both so that you can completely concentrate on your yoga and to be respectful of the teacher and the class. If your situation requires you be reachable or to check your phone, we understand and trust that you will use discretion. Should you forget to silence your phone and hear it ring, tweet, or buzz during class, please immediately pause what you are doing and silence the phone before continuing.

Shoes and Socks:  Please remove your shoes when you enter the studio, and place them on the shelves by the entrance doors. Yoga is generally practiced in bare feet, for several reasons. You will feel more grounded and stable in standing postures in bare feet. If you need to wear socks, however, we understand and ask that you be especially careful about your stability in the standing postures.

Perfumes, fragrances, and scents:
  In order to be respectful of those with sensitivity to perfumes, fragrances, or scents, please refrain from using any scented products prior to arrival or while in the studio. This includes botanicals and natural products, which despite being natural, do cause problems for some people.

Conversation:  For many students, it is important to leave the noise and ‘busy-ness’ of their lives behind when they come to class. The yoga studio often becomes a quiet sanctuary where one can turn inward, with no expectations or social demands, sometimes from the moment of arrival. On the other hand, many people enjoy the sense of community that develops in classes and at the studio, and appreciate the opportunities for interacting with fellow students and yoga friends. Quiet conversations before and after class are acceptable, but please be mindful and respectful of the other students in class and keep your voice low if you converse. Thanks!